Better brands, better world.

Brands are holders of emotions, ideas and concepts about who we are and our place in the world. Intentional or not, every word and image says something about your business, what it believes, and the world you’re trying to create.

When your vision connects with people, you’ve built a brand that means something. And, sure that’s easier said than done, but that’s why we’re here.

We are talent-dense.

There's one thing talented people like more than money, or fame, and that's working alongside other talented people. So that's who we hire.

We focus on feelings.

Emotions are what forge connections between people and brands.
‍That is what a good story—told by thoughtful design and meaningful copywriting—does. It doesn’t matter if it’s a billboard, an Instagram post, or the logo for a new brand. We help businesses create emotional relationships with their audience.

Strategy is sacred.

That word can mean a lot of different things depending on who you’re talking to, but for us, it means we find alignment on our audience and our message, and we don't stray.

Why are we called Daughter?

When we create, we don’t create for users, or target audiences. We create for people. Actual people. Air-breathing, synapse-connecting mixtures of bone and flesh. We create to delight, intrigue, inform, and entertain. Daughter is a word that reminds us that everything we do, should be done with empathy.

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We count ourselves lucky to have worked with top-notch people at these organizations, we could call them clients, but the truth is we see them as partners and peers that help us do the work that we love to do.

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