Fresh Refresh'd


Forget Raymond, everybody loves sandwiches.

Press’d is a business born and raised on the streets of Edmonton. A sandwich franchise that brought something new to the market: a healthy, delicious, affordable lunch option. Like most start-ups, they ran fast and they ran lean. In less than five years they went from one location to fifteen. Branding and marketing was something that happened, but it was never a focus.

They wanted to connect with their customers—hard working everyday folks—and they knew the best way to do that was through their stomachs. Press’d was focused on quality handmade ingredients, we’re talking bread and guacamole from scratch everyday, and the market responded with a resounding yes. Their franchisees were happy, their customers were happy, but co-owners Scott and Grant had a sense they were leaving something on the table. 

Despite their customers were thrilled with the product, but they didn’t have a lot of brand recognition. People returned, but they didn’t talk about their new favourite lunch spot with their friends. The brand had never been a focal point and it showed. The work was generic, corporate with a undertone of big business, when in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth.

They approached Daughter with a mandate to tell their story and connect on a deeper level with their customer. The first step was a deep dive into Press’d and the competition. The team ate a lot of sandwiches, and then compared notes on everything from mayonnaise consistency to napkin feel. We also spent time researching trends in the fast casual market, Canadian Franchise Magazine is a surprisingly compelling read if you have a spare evening. And finally, we spent some time looking at the folks who matter most, their customers. 


Sandwiches are a symbol. A simple reprieve from a hard day’s work. They are a moment to acknowledge one’s efforts, and most importantly,

they’re delicious.