For the Love of Pasta


Helping a great product find its way.

skinnypasta™ was the creation of two sisters who were yearning for a pasta that was ridiculously healthy but didn’t taste like it. They went to market under the name skinnypasta™ to much success. However, as the brand matured, attitudes and cultural perceptions of the word “skinny” changed. This created considerable challenges for a company that, at its core, promoted health and nutrition. The word no longer lent the brand an exciting buzz factor, but rather a negative connotation and didn’t align with the core brand values. 


We helped identify the fact that their consumer base wasn't the kale-for-breakfast sort, but rather a more relaxed purchaser who was looking for something he or she could feel good about eating and feeding to their family.

After a lot of very enjoyable product testing, and some time spent lurking in the aisles at the grocery store, noodi was cooked up. Knowing the product was nude, honest, transparent, and genuine, we set out to identify what that looked like.


Armed with a new name, we began the process of bringing the new brand to life. It needed to be simple and real, but still elegant. Cut to hand-done type and a playful swirl of pasta executed in concert with nude colours. 


We pulled inspiration from the kitchen and made sure that elements on the box were created by hand. The result is distinctively fun, quirky, yet unmistakably genuine and well-intentioned.


Oh, and there's something for you gluten-intolerant folk as well.