Youth Singers of Calgary

Learning a New Song


Reinvigorating the annual fundraiser for one of Calgary’s most important arts organizations.

The Youth Singers of Calgary’s annual event, Hearts 4 Arts, had seen diminishing attendance and returns. They needed to reinvigorate their audience but also to endear themselves to a new one. As an organization they were founded on the idea that there was a part for any child who wanted to play one. Over the decades The Youth Singers has become a safe haven, launch pad and incubator for kids from all demographics of our city. They had a great story to tell, but they needed help telling it. We partnered with experiential event planners, Boom Goes the Drum to rethink the annual event. Starting with a new name.


The name Hearts Out referenced an amazing night out on the town, and it also spoke to the bravery required of every youth that participates in the program.


We facilitated a piece of original music: composed by a local songwriter and performed by The Youth Singers. It was played on local radio stations, made into an event poster, postcard invitations, and functioned as the flagship design for the event. 




The results were jazz-hand worthy. The event was sold-out a week in advance, and grossed more donations in a single evening than The Youth Singers had thought possible. It’s a great start to a three-year initiative that we will be continuing on behalf of The Youth Singers in partnership with Boom Goes the Drum.